My Heart

Another brisk, early morning walk just minutes ago led me to a much needed realization.

Though I’m consciously working on it I’m still a bit too judgmental for my own good. Case in point, the neighbor next door. She enjoys surrounding herself with bright and colorful objects both inside and outside the home. Her front entryway has more, pardon me for saying so, kitschy colorful doodads than you would expect to see at a touristy garden center. She has two, count ‘em, 2 yard flags in her rather small entryway that are rotated frequently. The photo I posted this morning is a delightful (in all sincerity) floral flag that currently greets all passersby. I myself love fresh colorful objects but have a different taste preference that is reflected in my posts on IG/Facebook. I’ll say nothing more about that at this time.

So my judgmental heart tends to see her “forest” of yard art while missing the “tree“ which is the possible beauty of any singular element. That was my morning Epiphany. As I stopped to enjoy the pretty floral of her flag something small caught my eye. Lying in the dirt under a nearby shrub was a morning message. As I held it in my hand I thought to myself, “sister, you’ve got to check your heart.“

And so I shall. So I shall . . .

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