Flower Shop

Martha Mae Cary spent many hours behind the counter at Graves Flower Shop in Ontario, CA and in the workroom as well, creating bouquets for romantics and wreaths for funeral services.

As my grandmother, she transferred her creative skills, her practical talents, and handy life hacks each and every time we were together. She was definitely an Influencer and shaped who I am today. She once invited the schoolgirls in my circle to her shop for a boutonnière tutorial ~ a little lesson I’ve actually used more than one could imagine.

Later down life‘s road my older sister owned and operated a beautiful flower shop called “Cary McMillion,” the name an homage to Grandma Cary. Having partnered with a dear friend for a couple of years as a wedding and events florist I would occasionally stop in at her shop to lend a somewhat skilled hand.

So with that said, I noticed (internally) how quickly I got my hackles up recently when a friend mentioned that she wanted to find a less stressful job . . . to her, a flower shop seemed like the perfectly dreamy place to do so. Hallmark movies have perpetuated the idea that it’s all a bed of roses and a romantic wish fulfillment opportunity made in heaven.

But knowing firsthand the behind the scenes, that there are always stinky floral buckets in the back room to bleach out and, floors to sweep and mop, the occasional demanding or dissatisfied client with a taste other than your own creative vision. You get it. Most jobs have their own version. But I’ve gotten off track.

There is a simply satisfying joy to be had in creating, whether in the form of a tiny thing that can fit in the limited space of a jacket lapel or a creative endeavor that can fill a gallery. Whether photograph or written piece; a haircut, or a silversmith’d necklace; a custom cowgirl’s hat or a pen and ink drawing or crafting an unforgettable experience for someone. . .

Wishing all the creatives out there a wonderful Wednesday. And all who wish to be as well.

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