Hold Up

So I noticed that nature is currently anticipating the eminent arrival of spring. New growth. New life. And dear Lord is it ever time.

Wouldn’t you agree that it just feels right when there’s an official start-date to something? Whether the first day back to school, first day on a new job, or the first day of a new season, we live with an underlying feeling, perhaps as a low grade fever or even at a highly anticipated level of expectation. As the first day of the new month approaches, one that’s ripe with possibilities and full of hope for more normalcy, spring’s official grand opening cannot come soon enough. Bring it!

Ah Sunday. A perfect day to give thanks with hands raised high in a beautiful “hold up,” a moment of acknowledgement that in the midst of an unpredictable season we remain hopeful. We are blessed.

We are. YOU are.

Even though our world doesn’t look the way it used to and may have changed way beyond what any of us thought, pause and think about these things. If you have air in your lungs and the sun is shining on you then hold up your heart and hands as a physical gesture of your deep internal gratefulness.


And these lovely blushing sprouts I snapped this morning? One look and your soul understands that creation itself is showing us it is time.

2 thoughts on “Hold Up

  1. Thank you JoAnne for your beautiful words of encouragement! Your words have given me a reason to rejoice this morning and enjoy this beautiful day!

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    1. Dear Karen,

      Thank you so much! Let’s plan on getting together sometime later this month if you like. I’m taking a road trip to see Toby Marina and Jaden for the week of Saint Paddy’s day. I’ll be back on March 20 for my second vaccination.

      I have some good news and some interesting news to share with you! Can’t wait!


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