How Its Going

How it started and how its going . . .

It took sunshine. It took water. It took nutrients. It took time.

The cuttings Debbie gave me looked great from the get-go. Carefully placed among the river rock in a slender planter bed at my entryway, months and Covid months later the survivors are thriving.

For some the sun was too strong for optimal growth. They languished for a while until the stronger ones began to flourish and take over. These things occurred over time, not overnight.

We all know cases of instant or “overnight” success that leap out at us and captivate our attention. But they are not the norm. Do you know what the norm is? Time and consistent application of the correct nutrients. You’ll see. “It” will grow. It takes sunshine. It takes water. It takes nutrients. It takes time.

Give it time.

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