I already enjoy bird watching so what Marina did only accelerated an existing obsession of mine. She stoked the fire by sending me the new bird feeder in the first place. And then ten pounds of seed magically appeared at my doorstep. Thoughtfulness of another fulfilled by a genie in a bottle known as Amazon Prime.

So you want it? You got it! A couple of clicks and poof. Presto change-o (or some sort of professional magician lingo like that). I think of old~timey expressions as I imagine how my dearly departed grandmother would’ve had her frugal homestead upbringing blown out of the water by the influence of instant wish fulfillment. She had been opposed to using an ATM and insisted on doing her banking with a real live teller. Having goods delivered to her door with a click and a card would have been unthinkable to her. Way too futuristic for a humble farm gal of her ilk.

But I digress. The real thread of my thought this morning is related to the experience of being positively influenced by another real live person even if not directly face-to-face right now. It doesn’t have to take the form of a gift on the doorstep though it could. A timely text, a post, a recommendation of a book, a movie, or a low carb recipe keeps a connection alive like seed does a sparrow.

Here’s a suggestion to introverts and influencers alike. Let people in. Let them have a positive effect on the various areas of your life. Let them know they’ve made an impact no matter how slight or how great. Keep the connection alive.

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