Sweet tangy berries. Nutrient dense greens. Creamy organic coconut milk. These three distinctly different companions go well together, even compliment each other. I personally skip the ripe banana that most people add and thereby save myself those 34 carbs to be allocated elsewhere. That aside, when you toss the berry/greens/milk trio into a blender along with a scoop of protein powder and a little crushed ice you’ve got a yummy, guilt-free breakfast or mid morning treat.

Once blended thoroughly the ingredients have entered a new state of existence quite different than before. They are now inextricably combined with each other. There is no going back. There is no undoing. Their resulting flavor combination is something that could not have been achieved in their singular state. However, their individual vibrancy of color has been lost. Each distinct ingredient was whirled together until a homogeneous consistency was achieved. Forever merged. No longer separate. No longer individually distinguishable.

Of course you’re way ahead of me and can see where I’m going with this, right? I’m performing a non-professional Instagram well-check here.

Throughout this pandemic long-held relationships may have been forged closer or maybe have taken a bit of a turn. A lot can change in eleven months of physical distancing for the good and the not-so. The point here is a soul check-up on YOU, not necessarily the relationship you are in yet related. Are you still your same Strawberry Shortcake self? Still retaining your gorgeous verdant green vibes? Still pristine pearly white as the pure driven snow? Or have you become so homogenized with your nearest and dearest one/s that not only are the lines blurred but the colors and distinctions of you have greyed around the edges. If only your colorist could make this color correction for you.

Are you still you? There is always hope for regaining your own unique traits and characteristics that may have dulled by becoming agreeable to the point of blur. The berries, not so much. But you? That’s a hard yes. Bring back the color. And seek out a professional if that is needed.

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