Butternut soup, crispy pan-fried sage from the garden, and the crunchy, savory goodness of fried cheese.

Have you tried it? Frying cheese that is.

Like water turns to ice, like grapes turn to wine, grated cheddar (or Swiss or Parmesan or . . .) can be transformed into the perfect accompaniment to a chilly winter’s soothing, nourishing soup.

At times the cheese grater of life causes deep cuts and can transform life as you know it into shreds. Realize this is not the final state of your existence. Not a hopeless plight. A little heat just may cause a further metamorphosis into something you may not recognize though truly wonderful. You won’t agree with this during the process as you watch everything you knew change shape. Give it a chance to cool. In time you might actually begin to embrace your new crispy edges. It didn’t kill you. It transformed you.

Experiment with a quarter cup of grated cheese in a non-stick skillet set to medium heat. Keep an eye on it so it doesn’t brown too quickly or too much and remove from heat when you can lift a bit of crispy edge from the pan. After it cools completely break into pieces and garnish a soup or salad or use as a carb free snack. Save the crunchy crumbles to top a steaming bowl of chili but I guarantee they won’t last that long.

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