Put It Out There

A bag of wild birdseed was delivered to my doorstep followed by a charming bird feeder the very next day. Gifted by someone who knows how to make my heart sing. Of course I dropped everything else to get this hung as quickly as possible. Soon the birds that frequent my garden fountain would be enticed to linger and partake in a mid-morning snack. Oh the joy!

But I’ll tell you what . . . in putting something out there specifically for the birds I was unprepared for the IMMENSE JOY that I felt when little Squirrel Nutkin (Beatrix Potter reference) was the first one to come to the table. Its been so many months since I saw him sipping from the fountain under the cover of night. I’d assumed he’d found greener pastures. This video doesn’t capture the entire scene of the very merry un-birthdaylike celebration that took place. He was as giddy as the Mad Hatter at the tea party!

Thank goodness for iPhones that enable us to capture a moment that can be enjoyed again and again. Just like a good book but a billion times faster to produce. Anyway, the thought came to me that we all need to put our own gifts out there to be enjoyed by others. So what if your target audience has wings yet the ones who come to the table have bushy tails instead? Put it out there and don’t get caught up in trying to reshape your message or your gift or your personal offering of any sort to attract a certain clientele or market. Just do you, the true, most sincere version of you and if your followers prefer nuts to seeds, just keep putting out more. You just may have a broad appeal that will attract more of God’s creatures, great and small, than you might imagine.

Put it out there.

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