Tiny Teddy

This little bear, who fits in the palm of my hand, was tucked into a package of gifts I received this Christmas. It was love at first sight! Finding out that this tiny Teddy was not fresh off the shelf but vintage endeared him to me even more. He’s a pre-owned model and no doubt previously loved. He reminded me of a sweetly emotional restoration that was featured on the Netflix show, “The Repair Shop.” Watch it if you can for nothing more than to marvel at the ingenious craftspeople who passionately and expertly restore time-worn treasures for their owners.

While watching the episode of two tattered teddy bears being brought back to life I realized how the vulnerable human heart attaches sentiment to inanimate objects that remind it of the past, especially when tied to someone in it. All of the items receiving restoration at The Repair Shop are dearly loved by their owners, most of them being directly connected to a loved one. Less sentimental folks will readily toss away a broken item but these owners are seeking help.

A diminutive Teddy such as mine, or a Teddy of any size for that matter, may embody the love that we cannot express now that we’re in adulthood or maybe a love that we’ve lost. From a childhood of dreams or the lack of one, a much loved teddy silently grants permission for the heart to hold on to a person or place in time. A place of love and acceptance or deep need for it. Oh so much more than stitched together bits of fur, stuffing of excelsior or cotton batting, button eyes and a satin bow.

Objects designed for great purpose or ornamentation only, just like the human heart, may benefit greatly from a little time in the hands of the master craftsman . . . in the repair shop.

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