Would you agree that coffee grounds are similar in size to grains of sand? Not talking about finely ground espresso but rather what you’d expect when brewing a good strong cup of dark roast.

I found myself glued to the unfolding news reports, particularly live video, of the events at the US Capital building yesterday. It was shocking, disturbing, and I couldn’t stop watching. The last thing I needed was another cuppa coffee because my heart was already racing but that’s exactly what I wanted. There were no beans in the house so French press was out of the question but I happen to be stocked to the gills with K-cups for my Keurig. Covid preparedness, don’t ya know.

But the Keurig wouldn’t work despite multiple attempts to brew. Its been awhile since its gotten a good internal cleaning. My bad. But on a day of Breaking News heard round the world you’re going to fail me? On one of many repeated tries I got about a tablespoon of dark rich coffee and gulped it down.

With a restless night of sleep following the unbelievable drama in DC yesterday I woke in the wee hours with one thing on my mind. When would my nearby Starbucks open? Maybe the drive-through McDonald’s in the shopping center would be open earlier? But instead, at 2:30 am, I asked Siri to find me instructions on how to clean a Keurig. BINGO! I cautiously followed the steps which included using a paper clip to gently dislodge any coffee grounds in the area that punctures the K-cup. Voila! That did the trick. As I enjoyed my dark, rich cuppa I realized something. Sometimes something as small as a grain of sand can block the flow. Also this: you have to get in there and get it out if you ever want to get the flow going again. Life lesson right there.

Excuse me while I go brew another cuppa.

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