Today was supposed to be the day that my patio fountain got repaired. Though it’s motor burned out some years ago I’ve continued to fill it daily with water. Its been a watering hole not just for birds but sometimes for the late night visit of a squirrel or even (don’t tell the HOA folks) a neighborhood rat.

I rose early before the sun, bundled up, then at dawn’s first light got busy cleaning the fountain. After removing vast quantities of accumulated sludge I left it to dry in the early morning sun.

Then quickly came the disappointing discovery that the new pump from Amazon was too big and wouldn’t fit no matter how I repositioned it. Oh, I had done my research and watched installation videos on YouTube but the darn thing would not fit.

Though 45° is not technically freezing its colder than most Southern CA residents wish to tolerate. I abandoned my failed repair attempt for the warmth of the kitchen and a third cuppa joe. As I thawed out I noticed a couple of young doves had arrived at the fountain for a morning beverage and bath. One of them quickly assessed the situation then hopped onto the fence nearby. The other refused to accept that there was no water. The fountain has never, ever, EVER been dry before. The thirsty dove paced repeatedly around the rim then hopped down into the well, pecking around in vain. I continued to watch as he/she flew off then returned, at least four times, repeating the entire pattern. For whatever reason it absolutely broke my heart to watch the poor creature’s disbelief.

Then it stirred a thought.

How many times have we gone back to a place or a person that has always met a need for us in the past only to find that it is dry and no longer serves the purpose we sought? Even after the resource or the fix or the support has dried up we return in disbelief rather than fly off to find the resources in another well.

Lots more to ponder here if you care to . . .

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