In the Shadow

“I sing in the shadow of your wings,” said a king a long time ago. He was in a tough place at the time and though incredibly strong—even known for slaying giants and outmaneuvering the most cunning and treacherous opponents—this time was different. He could feel it. This time HE was on the run and this was life or death. HIS death. Another king wanted to kill him. Another king who possessed power and wealth and more followers than a social media influencer was trying to take him out to prevent the loss of his own kingdom. The stakes were high.

So yes, he ran away because he wanted to live, and that wasn’t being cowardly. That was life preserving. He knew he had a destiny to live out and a purpose to fulfill and he also knew that would not happen if he couldn’t preserve his own life. So he ran.

Away from the threat to a desolate place of safety he cried out. “I’m clever and cunning and strong but this could be the end if I don’t get some help here. A little help?”

From down deep in his soul came a shift. His heart and mind filled with an overwhelming sense of being so very deeply loved and he began to weep. His despair transformed entirely into an unexplainable joy that brought with it a sense of being truly safe and protected. He began to sing as an expression of the overflow that transformed his heart. The words? Who can say but he was safe. He felt a heavy cloak being placed around his shoulders to protect him. But no, that wasn’t it. The wings of his Protector had covered him. His Protector had been there all along, unseen, unnoticed and watching over him. The protection he needed was brought forth by a song. So he sang in the shadow of those wings. In the shadow . . .

An unlikely place for a song.

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