Turn Towards

Do you see what I see?

How the ivy reaches out for its wall-bound companions? How the Bird of Paradise directs its growth towards these two doing their best to bloom where they’re planted?

The longer I contemplate that downward swoop of the ivy the more my thoughts turn toward a person or two from my youth. Being much further along the road than I was in my teens they were influencers for my good and encouragers by deliberate intention. They had reached their own life goals—they’d set their sights towards them and had largely attained them. They’d begun their climb with just a few inches of growth at the start. Then by several feet and soon by leaps and bounds like this wild-growing ivy until they too had scaled their wall and found themselves at the top of it. Up at the roofline of their career or field of study, having gained years of experience, having done their due diligence and the hard work needed to craft a thing well—after enjoying some season of well earned success they turned toward those in their proximity. Not by looking down at though. Instead, while they continued steadily growing, they turned toward saying, “here’s how you scale a wall, here’s what I learned on the way . . . “

Do you see what I see? What a beautiful composition may be formed when those who have climbed turn toward.

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