Sending out this singular thought: Don’t be alone today.

You might be in a crowd and feel it. You may be on your own without another person around and feel it more on this day as we celebrate family and friends and relationships. Find a way—a small way—to connect with someone. For you and for them. Don’t be a skeptic or a cynic or a hermit today. Don’t just get through it. You have the choice to make it a day you’ll want to remember even if it doesn’t resemble any other day of thanks you’ve had before.

Send a text. Make a call. Step outside of your norm if you must and make a connection with another human if that means a walk to the corner store for a check stand chat.

A beautiful day of thankfulness like today can end up as a day to be endured for those who feel friendless or alone. We need each other to stay healthy and happy. So step out and connect with someone you love or someone who needs love as much as you do.

“Good wishes for Thanksgiving”

From my heart to yours.

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