There is a certain expectation, you know.

If you have a gift or a talent for a particular thing then at some point you’ll be expected to do something meaningful, useful or perhaps profitable with it. To share it or sell it or post it or teach it. To somehow shine a light on the giftedness that you possess. The expectation may not be external at all but one from inside your own head saying, “do something—don’t waste it.”

In some moment of quiet as your thoughts shift to who you’ve turned out to be (this far) with no audience given to a critical voice or a disappointed opinion (of your own or another’s), just allow your heart and mind to accept this truth. YOU are truly one of a kind. There was never a mold even made in the first place to be broken after you were created, if you know what I mean. There’s not one other person like you. No other set of identical fingerprints for that matter which stands to serve as a maker’s mark that there is only one like you. The only “you” that this world will ever have in it. There will never be another with the same viewpoint, perspective, same song in their heart, same twinkle in their eye as you.

I’m talking about the real, honest to goodness you, not the talent that’s been gifted to you or any other expression of you. Or the ability that’s an extension of the one and only you. Remove the expectation to “be all that you can be” and just do that thing you do. Just be you.

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