Room with a View

My view at the end of a mid-November work day.

Sure, there were errandy things I needed to dash off to. Because there’s no greater rush than to find the right microwave oven replacement bulb at long last or perhaps to change out the water filter on the fridge (my current to-do list). But I said to myself, “that can wait” while I paused and I pondered my day. While I drank in this expanse of beauty; this artist’s palette in the sky. The freeway rush hour will still be there—it will wait while this calming scene at the end of my day takes me somewhere much further than the Southbound 405 will tonight.

••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• •••

My older sister was once looking for a new place to live. She was single back then and was looking to find something new. We looked at this one small place in her price range knowing it was likely too cramped to be comfortable enough. It sat perched on a ridge high above the sprawling seaside town below. We walked through the entrance to the confirming reality that the square footage just wasn’t going to be enough.

But the view . . .

The view went on for days—to the sea with the ragged hillside and town and the coastline down below. Oh that view! And I suppose there was even a bedroom and a kitchen and such but all I recall was that view . . .

Our days may be busy or they may be quite still. One thing I’ve come to know is that living them well is not dependent upon the sprawl of your mansion or your shoe-box sized estate. Its all about the view. Your view.

Sometimes you don’t need a bigger place.You just need a bigger view.

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