Sunday Psalm

I had the manual out this morning and read about an enduring relationship between committed partners.

“Love and faithfulness meet together . . . Righteousness and peace kiss each other.”

What a simple message it is that peace of heart and mind is intimately connected with the right, the pure, and the good.

In the times when we’ve lost our peace, when something feels “off,” something isn’t right, its so easy to misgauge what it is. Oh sure, we’ll rail about a person, place, or thing that seems wrong while we miss what’s right there at the root. We focus on the unjust since that seems so glaringly obvious. We wrestle with it, even get down in the mud with it. Now that’s on us too. But after a fair amount of struggle, a restless night, some hours or days with that unsettled feeling disconnection brings, becoming at last hungry for restoration, we see a flickering light in the tunnel that beckons us to abandon all the circumstantial evidence we’ve clung to. At the heart of it all we want peace and Peace wants us too.

Take that step or that leap. Draw near to kiss righteousness. You have to be close to do that. Not just being nearby or simply in the same room but in contact with. In that moment of connection to “what is right” peace returns and the discord begins to drift far away. Harmony resumes its rightful place on center stage. A tightly held fist now begins to slowly unfold and it is ready once again to reach out. Maybe even upward in surrender and communion. Sunday psalms are good like that.

Psalm 85:10

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