That Face

Three King Charles Cavalier spaniels have come in and out of my life and each one with unique personality traits and quirks. Just like me. Some were developed by the environment they were in before I met them and some were developed because I was the environment.

And, yes, I know this isn’t a Cav but look at those eyes—that face! I follow many French Bulldog and Cavalier accounts on Instagram just to have those inquisitive, sensitive, intuitive eyes to look in to. It makes me miss Bailey, Riley, and Teddy so much it almost hurts but it also brings back buckets of joy in waves of good memories. There is also the joy that comes from knowing that someone else has the vet bills, the grooming tab and responsibilities of proper diet and exercise, of socialization with other young pups, obedience school and all the things like that.

• • • • • •

I have two fine sons and they’re both amazing as you’d expect a mom to say, think, and feel. Both have unique personality traits and quirks. Just like me. They were developed in the best possible environment that we could provide—not a perfect environment by any means but it included most of the basics mentioned above.

One of them has a birthday today. He has a smattering of traits and quirks as a result of the DNA he’s composed of and also from the various environments that have acted as influencers in his life thus far. We can’t change our DNA that I’m aware of but environment is something we can contribute to and even create with given parameters.

I happen to believe that the Influencer in Chief created this earth out of a hot mess that was without form, ”in the beginning.” I happen to believe that the children we create, as well as we ourselves, have been born with traits which include the power to create new life and new, good environments.

• • • • • •

What idea might be born in your heart and mind today? What environment might you change for the better or perhaps create anew? How might you influence a generation or even one person who may one day unlock a cure for a crippling disease? Or be kind to someone in need. Environment. Creation. Birth of a son or an idea . . . things that you can’t help but think about when you look into That Face.

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