You’re able bodied. You can get around on your own two feet having developed a keen ability to think independent thoughts and make mostly sound decisions over the years. Basically, honey, you’re not four anymore. You’ve learned how to navigate life.

Is there a legitimate reason then that you’ve decided to sidecar yourself? Maybe there is but at the heart of this question is a nudge to take inventory of the reasons for your decision to go “sidecar” of your own volition.

Do your emotional “legs” work pretty well? Use them. Do you have the ability to make fairly good directional life decisions for yourself? Make them. What about the desire to set course and venture forth? Dream it then do your best version of living it out.

If you wake up one day only to realize that you’ve assumed the position of passenger rather than driver of your own life, providing that is a safe and comfortable place for you to be, then bravo. You have chosen what works well for you in your own life situation and circumstance. But on the other hand, if you fall out of bed one groggy morning and ask, “Hey, how did I get here?” then the moment is right for you to have a Come to Jesus meeting with yourself. Have you surrendered your own will to circumstances by giving in or giving up? Think over the reasons for that for a bit, being kind to yourself throughout the inquiry. Don’t go stone cold Inquisition on yourself, just ponder the why of it all to see what emerges.

Maybe getting back on the bike is something to consider. We may fall off now and again but as they say, once you learn how to ride you never forget. Perhaps the effortless motion of the sidecar position has lulled your senses into a state of self-selected passivity. Just maybe its time to get up from that cozy nap, put your feet back on the pedals, and ride.

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