Have you recently put down new roots? Maybe moved to a new neighborhood or new town with the intention of starting out fresh if not starting over? Perhaps you’ve just begun a new season in the same old location. New seasons demand new growth and new growth requires life sustaining nutrients which are made accessible via a healthy root system. Please work with me a little on my people vs plant analogy while I attempt to get at something.

When you settle in to a new locale (and I use that loosely) you gradually begin to determine if the new ground you’re planted in is going to nourish your soul. Maybe some soil amendments are in order to maintain a healthy environment for you. When the “new” of a new season begins to wear off then its time to do a simple diagnostic and a basic gut check will most often reveal what the state of the union is.

Don’t ignore that inner voice of yours that’s trying to tell you something. Left ignored it may become a nagging feeling. Then a sinking feeling. This may simply be your gut telling you that some ingredient, vitally important to your prime directive, is missing. You don’t have to go back to your old neighborhood (or season) to obtain it. But going back on a mental excursion might be all that is needed to determine just what helped you thrive before the transplanting took place.

What, in this lifetime of yours, have you determined as necessary in feeding your soul? What bare minimal elements must you have in place to actually thrive?

This might possibly involve a revelation, or even a simple realization of the facts. We think of putting down roots as something that secures us to a fixed position and while that is true the purpose of a root system is to draw up life sustaining nutrients into whatever is above ground. I pray that you will seek out your own unique version of MiracleGro and apply it in judicious amounts to those new roots of yours. Love, connection, sunshine, community—all are needed in varied amounts to support your season of new growth. New growth, new buds, new blossoms, new fruit. Get rooted and get growing.

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