This little gold box was a birthday gift to me just a few weeks ago. I like pretty, sparkly things when they have a look and feel of age and history to them. This little thing fits in the palm of my hand but has a surprising solidity to it—it’s weight is unexpectedly heavy. It’s sturdy beyond any need for a little thing like that to be so and I doubt that it will ever break. There would be no reason for that given its robust manufacture and intended purpose-maybe to safeguard some special diamond earrings or other precious contents . . .

How does this mini treasure box compare to your heart (which is stronger than you know)? Maybe not the physical, living flesh and blood organ that pumps life to every cell but rather the heart and soul of you.

As you know, having experienced it, your dear heart has the capacity to hold vast amounts of joy and pain, of sorrow and sympathy and ecstasy as well. It has the capacity to protect the good things in it. Those you hold dear, who have gone —yes, they fit into your heart. All the love you feel for whoever and whatever you hold close—that’s stored in there too. All the cares and troubled thoughts about all the situations that are out of our control—somehow, someway, there is always more than enough room for those things inside that heart of ours.

Capacity isn’t ever a problem. Isn’t that amazing considering how small your heart actually is? So you see, this is beyond the scope of limited physicality. You were given a sturdy, strong, large-capacity model and you also have the distinct responsibility as the gatekeeper of it.

Wake up and realize your own important duty here. You are to guard your heart; not from letting good in but by protecting the good that’s stored there and by keeping out the bad. You likely already know what that means. Be the guardian of your own heart. This unique assignment belongs solely to you, friend.

Protect that heart of gold.

2 thoughts on “Gold

    1. Yes we do! And. . . that testifies to the enormous capacity of heart and spirit that we’ve been given. When we think, “it’s too much, I can’t contain any more“ It’s due to the limited size of our mind not our heart! ♥️


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