Wonderful World of Color

Primary colors, rainbow colors, Crayola box of 64 colors, in living color, Cindy Lauper “True Colors,” Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color.

Walt got it right in so many ways. Though his bread and butter character was always going to be that spunky mouse, he gave all of us a plethora of characters to laugh with and relate to from Goofy to Minnie to that duck. And then there have been all those gloriously diverse princesses . . .

I spent the entire day and night yesterday with an arena full of princesses who had traveled from all over the country for an annual women’s conference. We were of all colors. We showed our true colors as each speaker brought the heat to each succeeding session. We were encouraged, challenged, uplifted and empowered. Not just to go forth and be amazing women but to use whatever colors we have within us and go out and do good. To turn our blue moments of despair into an opportunity to reach out to those who are in greater need.

It was an exhilarating/exhausting day because of its length but I am going back for more today. I’ve got to go get some color in my cheeks and will wear the color gold today for the remainder of dynamic sessions. I’m taking a metaphorical empty pencil box ready to catch all the colors of the wind and all the rainbows that will fit in my pocket. Color me open and ready to receive . . .

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