In the Details

When I traveled to Greece with a handful of close friends some years ago we saw them everywhere. All the shops lining the streets seemed to have several versions of the same thing. I had seen this before in the fabric district shops in downtown LA. The eye of God they told me. Watching over us, all the time, all seeing and all knowing—observing every detail. Maybe they were better business people because of that ever-present eye. I cannot say how one society over another may respond to being observed by an all-seeing eye.

Every detail of every move we make being noticed. Does that make you feel spied on or cared for? The details of “you” being observed and duly noted. And do they really truly matter, those details?

Would you believe it if I told you that every hair on your head is numbered? Every freckle accounted for. It a little bit might depend on how loved you feel and here’s why. The more we feel cared for, thought about, truly deeply loved, the easier it is to believe that someone would notice and take interest in the most minute detail about us whether it be our crooked smile or asymmetrical brows or never-give-up spirit or creative streak.

The reverse might be easier to relate to though. When we’ve been unnoticed or perhaps neglected in some way for some time, we may eventually begin to believe that there’s nothing noteworthy in us. Nothing remarkable, leaving us to wonder how we ended up positioned “off” the radar, unnoticed, unloved, as if our solitary life didn’t quite matter in the scheme of things.

The details of “you” do matter. Somebody knows your name and the real color of your hair and all the other smalls about you. Somebody knows and cares and delights in you. You’re not alone when you think you are.

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