Hey Shadow

Professor Tyler Zarubin came to the university just a couple of years ago now. He’s one of those quiet storm types, in the absolute best sort of way. He took over the management of the campus Heritage garden when Professor Thea retired (too early if you ask me). OMG what he’s done with the place! We have flowers and herbs in the summer; bee hives, berry vines, and pumpkins in the fall. This one is growing in the Heritage Garden right now.

Some of its companions are lounging nearby in the shade under the shadow of healthy and generously proportioned leaves. But direct your attention to the beautiful pattern on this pumpkin. Artfully done don’t you think? When the earth rotates just a little bit more it will disappear. But for now it’s a beautifully delicate design looking as if handpainted onto the surface.

Sometimes a greater light shines on us, casting a unique pattern, perhaps delicate, perhaps bold onto another person, a situation, an organization even.

Shady places are ideal when we’re in a tender state, needing to recoup, mend, and continue with the process of growth. But like another prof friend recently explained, without the sun—the Greater Light—healthy growth ain’t gonna happen.

Step back into the light and grow again. Step back into the light and cast your imprint again. It’s important and we all need your mark – your shadow design. One of a kind. Priceless.

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