Connect the Dots

Time for a Sunday sesh. Time to pause and think about this—what are you earnestly desiring for your life? Some change, some breakthrough, some miracle you’ve needed . . . what comes to mind when you slow down, breathe in, and release the scramble mode that the weekday demands? Pause, breathe, relax, gently think. When you’ve got it, mark it. However that is for you, be it a note in your iPhone or carefully scribed into a journal or scribbled on a scrap of Sunday newspaper.

Is there any lifelong theme attached to the thought that emerges?

And how does it (imagining “it” as a puzzle piece of the grand illustration of your life) fit in to who you are today, who you’ve grown into as a tree would, developed as a photograph would, emerged as a painting would?

Is today the day to connect the dots? Is today the day you realize you’ve got to make a 180 degree turn to get back to where you once belonged? Or, is it the day you breathe in a deep, lung-filling breath and say, “Hey! I’m exactly where I should be. My dots are connecting and I can see clearly now.”

Sundays are a good day, a God-day, to take a check and connect the dots.

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