“The fire was so devastating,” she said. “We had a beautiful home. . . I still cry every day.”

The jewelry maker who created this pendant still lives in Paradise, California—the town that was decimated by fires a few months ago. They lost their home and everything in it. They lost their collection of classic cars. Her studio, tools, and supplies burned to the ground. Though it is ti this day so cery hard, she’s holding on and little by little regaining her soul, her life, and her ground. @creek_jewels

So when I stumbled upon this IG account and these initial pendants made of sterling silver with tiny natural pearl attached I knew I had to have one around my neck. Some days I look at it and I too want to cry at her loss. Some days I look at it and feel stronger knowing that even after this devastating life event she has gathered what little strength she had left and began to create again.

God gave us all a resiliency and will to live, to press on, and to create. The creator of this necklace was still able to produce beauty from elements of this earth, silver and pearl, even when her world was scorched to the ground. What an example. What an invisible badge of honor she wears. What a triumphant crown on her head that she did not just roll over and die through this devastation.

The power to create – what a gift to us mere mortals. We must follow the Leader and stir up this gift.

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