It’s one of the most frustrating things ever for a person who, like me, is often behind the wheel on the road. My mom used to do this thing when she had the three of us girls in the back of the station wagon. She loved to converse about anything, you name it. And when she was making a particular point she would stop at a green light or in the middle of the street for that matter. And for no particular reason other than that she had lost awareness of what she was really doing behind the wheel of that vehicle—either to make a point or reprimand her unruly children.

When you see a green light ahead and yet cars in front of you are not moving forward your brain, at least my brain, goes into diagnostic mode. It feels like a circuit is about to short out. An important brain connector is about to fray or snap. It doesn’t make ANY sense and all because of one thing. Green means go . . . doesn’t it?

Why are you stopped at a green light then? Are you trying in vain to make a point to someone who won’t listen? Put your foot on the pedal and move forward! In doing so not only do you advance your self into what is next for you but you also allow others behind you to appropriately move into position.

Green = go.

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