Swan Lessons

I watched some footage of three beautiful swans who were hanging out together in a lake of crystal clear blue water, just the same shade as the sky over San Simeon, California pictured here.

There was a lead swan that looked to be a little larger than its companions and this one was flapping its gorgeously feathered wings up and back in the air. With every wave of its wings its feathers dipped into the water creating a beautiful spray of droplets. It was glorious to watch in slow motion and as I did another story emerged. One of the two slightly smaller companions, being positioned behind the lead swan (breathtakingly all-glorious with its outstretched wings in slow motion), was experiencing the cause and effect of being behind someone so grand. In this instance swan #2 was perfectly positioned to experience the sprays and splashes from the prominent swan’s motions. Swan #3 remained oblivious while the affected swan gently bobbed and swayed in the crystal blue water, clearly not enjoying being in the wake, so to speak, of the greater swan’s moment in the sun.

The scene begged the question, am I so in the moment of my day in the sun that I’m oblivious to those around me and to the effect I’m having on them? Or, conversely, have I decided intentionally or unwittingly to remain in the wake of someone whose actions directly affect me in a manner that is tolerable at best? Oh there’s always something to be examined and pondered if we’ll pause a moment.

One swan might expand their consciousness a bit to include awareness of those around it. The other might need to realize that a little bit of distance changes everything.

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