A Cut Sbove

Public confession time. I bad-mouthed someone yesterday.

So maybe it wasn’t vile or evil but it wasn’t necessary. We were talking about someone we all knew. Each had a story or two about the effect this person’s behaviors have had on them. My own encounters were repeated to the group factually and with snarky humor. We all laughed.

But it was wrong of me. We’re all as varied as there are varieties of succulents, animal species, and colors in the rainbow. And without a doubt each one of us has an effect on those around us. Nothing new and yet on this Sunday I pray that I might transcend the very human nature of calling out someone who acts different or looks different or thinks differently than me. Can we just transcend the gosh darn practice of making a little joke about someone who gets under our skin? I wouldn’t have said this to their face after all. It starts out small but grows in us if we don’t nip it in the bud or curtail it.

I don’t know about you but I’m working on it.

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