Growing up in Southern California we had our share of happy days at the beach even though my sisters and I were so fair skinned that we never ever tanned but we burned, blistered and peeled instead. Out in the water where our feet no longer touched the ocean floor we bobbed and drifted with the current in perfect childhood bliss. That is until one of us suddenly became aware that the landscape of the shore was no longer recognizable. We’d been become subject to the motion of waves and hadn’t noticed the gradual pull that had taken us away from what we knew.

So it is in life. The farther away I am from the Source and the Center of my life the more difficult it becomes to keep what is most important to me in focus. When I unintentionally wander from what I know is right and true, perhaps because something shiny has caught my eye, maybe in honest pursuit of a new opportunity, the Source and the Center that had guided me will gradually, over time, appear to be further off in the distance than I’d realized.

Because of my unperceived, gradual drift the Source and the Center have quietly faded from view. Still there. Never moving. It is I who did the traveling and lost sight. The Source and the Center did not move away from me.

It’s perspective. Its how we view this life we’ve been given. A blind man does not need the gift of physical sight to see what is real and what is true. Your heart knows though because it is the home of the Source and Center. Perspective is a powerful thing. A powerful thing worth pondering.

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