Meant To Be

Meant To Be

I always loved Halloween as a kid and it wasn’t because of the tricks or the treats. It was always the singular day that I got to wear a one of a kind costume that transformed me into whatever I wanted to be. And thanks are owed to an intelligent and artistic mother who knew about having a dream. As an adult I realize that my own embellished and exaggerated memory of this has become a selective version of reality yet there it is and I’ll continue to cherish it just that way.

Being anything or anyone I wanted to be . . . the powerful effect that a homemade costume had on me as a child. It sparked imagination and the sheer belief in possibility. It suspended reality and expanded my simplistic thoughts beyond any limitations that my partially formed mind and very real circumstances had created.

Wondering who we’re meant to be is a little like putting on a costume, just temporarily, in our own mind’s eye, to see what super powers or new strengths or abilities might emerge when we allow exploration of the possibilities. What extraordinary kindness might begin to flow? What free spirited shenanigans develop? What difference-making idea might be conceived?

Underneath it all is a “real me” that to grow and thrive must daily cultivate kindness, honesty, and forgiveness even despite whatever greatness I aspire to achieve. Who am I meant to be? I’ve got to be the best me I can be and its got to be real.

Here’s what I know; I am meant to be loving and kind, considerate and truthful, productive and helpful to others. We were each created, after all, in the image of the One with all the super powers, with all the abilities, and, chiefly, with all the Love. This fine Sunday is as good a day as any to try this super hero cape on and see just what “meant to be” me might emerge.

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