“I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”, so said Bono.

Is it this? Is it that? Why is “it” just beyond my reach? How elusive, that thing is! Could it be that the very thing I still haven’t found is what I need to become? Hmmmm, pause and think about that. Is it time for me to step up and begin a journey towards becoming?

Here’s what the contented, purpose driven, mission-minded folks have discovered. Money isn’t enough. Philanthropy isn’t enough. IG fame isn’t enough. Position isn’t enough. We all have a heart’s cry that longs for significance, meaning, and purpose, even the most humble among us. We were wired that way.

Maybe I long for someone to be loving and kind to me. I must become loving and kind. Maybe I so respect that talented author, musician, teacher, photographer, chef. Start writing, take pictures, keep picking up your guitar, take one class and another and another.

Yes, it takes work! Yes, there will be struggles. Yes, there will be sweat and tears. But do you get it? What can I do today within my own power to take even one forward steps toward becoming “what I’m looking for?”

What about it? If you’re still alive then it isn’t too late.

One thought on “Becoming

  1. I love the idea of becoming; just yesterday I was saying to my Spiritual Director, “My highest goal is to become Love.” He said, “Recently, I heard someone pray, ‘Lord, reduce me to Love” as if that was their central and core self: their essence.” Let everything else fall away. We are becoming Love; we are becoming ourselves. That’s what I’m looking for ❤


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