I didn’t think they were even real until I touched them.

The fresh peonies in the guest room that had been prepared for my visit were stunning. And to look at the one that was still a tightly balled up orb was as if to be an expectant poet waiting for the birth of the next verse. After all, just look at the fully opened bloom with its ruffled petals all layer upon layer of pink petticoats. Stamen and anthers just totally out there – this blossom has arrived!

There’s something powerful about arriving at a place where you feel safe enough, healthy and strong enough to open up. To be fully who and what you were designed to be. Like the peony it happens naturally when the right ingredients are in the mix. Good soil, water, sunlight. Others in your life who contribute to your growth and progression. It was never intended to be a one man show. So look forward to this “grand-opening” of your heart and soul.

Open up, Buttercup.

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