Ornately wrought iron or rustic wooden post fencing. Both were designed with a similar purpose— that of delineating what belongs to me and what doesn’t. As in, “everything beyond that fence is mine.” No matter how embellished or plain the style may be the directive is the same. Mine, not yours. Stay on “that” side.

Fencing in good repair sends a message of ownership, keeping the bad elements out and protecting what is within. Ever see a stretch of old broken down fencing on a road trip to somewhere else? To a less guarded soul, to an adventurous sort it is a neon flashing welcome sign. Maybe no one lives there anymore and it may certainly look that way based on the poorly maintained fencing. If there are no guard dogs present or other visible signs of surveillance it would appear to be open territory . . .

What subliminal message of “welcome” might we be sending when our individual protection systems aren’t in place or are in disrepair? Our own personal fencing must be kept securely maintained in order to protect and preserve the good things in our heart, mind and physical being. Always remember . . . property fences also have gateways. You and I are the gate keepers. We determine who and what may enter here.

This segment of pretty fencing is located on the property of Hunt Cellars winery outside of Paso Robles, CA—gates open daily from 10:30 am – 5:30pm.

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