Donut Shop

You HAVE TO go to SloDoCo when in Atascadero! That’s what they said so I went.

Its not your grandparents corner shop for a dozen assorted cake donuts with bright pink glaze and sprinkles. Nope. Families were playing corn-hole and jumbo checkers out front and the interior was industrial meets lounge meets grownup kid in a candy store of trending flavors. The gluten-free lavender was moist and quite tasty even if just a tad medicinal around the edges. The espresso cream filled bar, divine . . . In a region of California well known for its wine tasting we thoughtfully filled up a box and headed home for a glorious sugar rush and tasting of our own kind.

The fireworks stand in town, on the other hand, looked EXACTLY like the one I worked at one blisteringly hot week in July when I was 16. Seriously! Why haven’t these changed over the years? Hmmm, am I more like SloDoCo or do I resemble something thats been frozen-in-time? Not my style but my mind set. Have I progressed? Have I adapted to new days and new ways? Am I preserving the past over living in the present? We often aren’t so self aware as we might think. Staying connected with a small circle of folks who are sincerely honest and true with us will make the difference between preserving a stale and stodgy approach to life over living with a fresh POV that includes galaxy frosted cro-nuts and such from time to time.

This life. Gotta live it not keep it preserved in grandma’s Tupperware.

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