Sunday Breakfast

Seriously good, these Sunday morning pancakes have only have two main ingredients—eggs and roasted sweet potatoes. A pinch of sea salt and cinnamon rounded out the flavor and no syrup was needed at all due to their natural sweetness. A side of savory bacon along with some toasted walnuts made them just right and added texture and crunch.

Like snap, crackle, pop I want my life journey to have texture and crunch. To be spicy, sweet, and tangy and to be crunchy, crackly, and crispy. Though being fed on smooth and creamy in the early years it just doesn’t satisfy for long and its not meant to. Once we get our “teeth” we want to use them! We may start and then end our journey with puréed plums and formula but in the middle . . . we crave something we can sink our teeth into.

Texture and crunch. Its what we were made for.

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