Shine on Us

Do you ever pause to think about the unique effect you have on the atmosphere around you?

When compared to something as simple as a rainfall, what does my personal affect on others resemble? Am I more like a drizzle on a gray and cloudy morning or like a torential downpour? A gentle mist or a summer squall? Perhaps even a sunshiny day with a pocket full of rainbows after a long night of rain.

I love a springtime shower that washes away the dust of doubt and fear. But a fierce, hot-tempered squall —not so much. They seem to come out of nowhere, charging the atmosphere with an unsettling energy. Typically “the squall” moves on, passes through or fades away while the environment continues to experience the repercussions in its wake.

Weather conditions come and go then come again. So do our emotional cloudbursts, our days on end of cloudless skies, our misty moments . . . ahhh, the gamut of human emotions as variable as the weather and often as unpredictable.

Will I be someone’s ray of sunshine today? Will I cast a shadow, rain on their parade, or be their little black cloud?

Today I‘m going with RayBans and SPF30. I just feel it in the air.

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