Going it alone is required sometimes. We’ve all been there and we all know that’s part of being a grown up. You face your giant when others say you can’t. You do that difficult thing that must be done. You draw on the example of others who’ve done it well, or the strength you’ve gained in smaller battles.

But there are the times when a situation or season feels like its too much. We’ve met our match or are facing something greater, more formidable than our current level of experience whether its disease, or the system, or a bully, or an injustice. Thats the time to call in the troops. Thats the time to take the hand that’s reaching out to you with an offer to come alongside, offering to add their own strength to help you get through.

“Together” will get us through the challenging situation, the devastating loss, the times of complete overwhelm. Who can I come alongside of today? Who is going it alone and slowly sinking? Offer your hand, your stored up strength, your comfort or support to someone who just needs some “together” to get through what they’re facing right now.

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