Bring It In

The viney green honeysuckle from next door has, over the years, grown through the cracks in my fence. It wound its way around the bougainvillea and the fragrant jasmine that covers my garden wall.

Recently, when cutting a couple roses for an arrangement on the dining table, I decided to also bring in the three foot strand of honeysuckle that had twined around one of the rose’s stems. This photo is the result of that and it comes with this encouragement: “bring it inside.”

Just because I didn’t, by my own hand or my own intentional action, plant some things into my own life’s garden doesn’t mean that it doesn’t belong there. It’s just possible that there’s more for us than we had planned or planted. Just because it wasn’t in the master plan I’d established for myself doesn’t mean that “something that sprung up outta nowhere” isn’t meant to be there for my good. Just by being open to good things (that aren’t in my plan A, B, or C) I’m able to grow in a new direction or new partnership that happens to be outside the scope of my personal manifest destiny.

So first step is to be open to something that may already be present in my life. Something that may have been present all along around the edges or even just on the other side of the fence and temporarily obscured from my vision.

The next step is to say, “come on inside.“

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