While We Wait

I was craving some avo toast and wanted it to be just as good as what I’d had in our local café. The bread I used wasn’t as thickly sliced as their’s but it was a good sprouted loaf. And I didn’t have any fresh dill on hand but strangely enough I had some fresh anise and used it instead. There wasn’t any house-made bacon jam in the cupboard but I did have a jar of jalapeño jelly and, as it turned out, this combo was insanely good.

I’d planted some dill and cilantro seeds about three weeks prior. They’d sprouted recently but were still in their infancy stage and needed every little sprig to survive. Is that why they call it a nursery? Anyway, theres a point here in the rich organic potting soil I see before me.

What can we enjoy while we’re waiting for what we really want? Is there an alternative that may be enjoyed in the present? Maybe one that might lead to the best avocado toast you ever tasted? Is there one little thing that your dear heart desires but you just aren’t able to enjoy or experience it yet for one reason or another. Perhaps its because the thing itself, the dream, the person, the ideal circumstance isn’t ready yet.

There’s a whole buffet line of alternative options that are available now, even if not precisely what you had your tastes set for. Think about expanding your vision to see what or who might be right there, right now. It just might turn out to be the best you ever tasted.

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