Ode to an Anniversary

Circles go ‘round and ‘round like a band of gold or a circle of friends or an endless halo. Analogies often being made of a devoted relationship and the eternal aspect of a circle, a ring—having no beginning and no end.

Within each of our circles friends may come and go. Friends may leave or stay. Friends will have your back and help carry your load whatever it be. But beyond that level of commitment there is another. Beyond the contentment of being connected to another person by common interests or upbringing there is the connection that begs for commitment to each other. There is another level that desires a lasting, permanent if possible, to the finish line kind of commitment. Til death do us part if you will. The kind of commitment that involves bands of gold and garlands of flowers and inspired beverages and best-loved music and combined circles of friends to bear witness.

And then there are anniversaries—wonderful touchstones that remind us and help us recall and even recapture good times, good feelings, good decisions made, not independently but together.

So bring out the flower garlands once again and recall how your hearts have blossomed in each other’s company. Blossomed in a way that the would not have occurred on your own.

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