Bells and Whistles

Geez, how many red flashing lights does it take to get my attention? Why does it make me feel a little angry when the dash light flashes and the bell chimes repeatedly and annoyingly so letting me know that I forgot to fasten my seatbelt. And then there’s the danger triangle that flashes in red because the hood of the car wasn’t latched securely. Aargh! Even though my brain tells me that this is for my own protection, for my safety and for my good it gets me riled.

It’s human nature isn’t it? We don’t want to be told what to do I suppose. But when something with greater intelligence, perhaps the computer of a vehicle or otherwise, is sending us a warning, whether written or in literal red flashing lights, it is solely my choice to listen or ignore. Choosing to listen comes from a point of reference of well-being and safety. Someone . . . something wants to keep me safe hence the warning. Instead I perceive that it means trouble, Will Robinson, and so I want to ignore it, thinking it will go away.

If I disable the warning system in my car I will no longer be bothered by the bells and whistle‘s and flashing lights that are so annoying. I will also no longer be safe and alerted to possible malfunctions while behind the wheel and in traffic. As in life we must never turn off our warning system. Keep your ears open. Keep your mind open. Keep your heart open. Look and listen for the warning signs in life and stay safe. They are there to protect us.

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