The Roses

Stop and smell the roses. And why not?

We’re mostly too busy to bother, what with deadlines to meet, projects to finish, meetings to prep for. Okay, so I didn’t actually stop but I DID slow down for 56 seconds to drink in the beauty of this bed of roses at the University. With my lunch to-go box in hand, walking back across campus, they caught my eye. They basically called me over for a quick moment to say “Hey, remember beauty? Remember color so deep that it penetrates your brain? Remember our fragrance and the subtle air flow that makes us dance and the birdsong that serenades us while you’re up there in that office getting “stuff” done?” I smiled.

I listened and loved that they reached out to me when they could have just let me rush on by.

All of that in 56 seconds. Carpe diem. Seize the day; the hour; the moment . . . Just stop.

And smell the roses.

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