All That

The Fleur de lis. Most commonly associated with France and its royalty and faith. Its a stylized lily, don’t you know. It has adorned crowns and coat of arms and royal robes for centuries.

And yet the lilies. . . growing wild in a meadow, nourished by soil, sunshine and rain were once said to be more elegantly “dressed” than wise and wealthy King Solomon who lived in a custom crafted palace of unparalleled luxury and elegant design.

If the royal garments of this ancient king in all the splendor of his wealth and wisdom were no match to the simple beauty of a field lily then perhaps its time to rethink what it is to be grand and great. Is it outward pomp or inward honor, wisdom, and values?

There’s just something about a fleur de lis . . . and maybe we’re more royal than we think.

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