Give It Up

Me when I eat anything with whole wheat flour.

Also me when I’ve stored up too much goodness like good meals, good vibes, good deeds good compliments, good lessons, good moods, good love.

Sometimes I wake up just so full of feeling good but I also begin to notice that I’ve slowed down significantly. My pace, the spring in my step. Where? I’m a bit sluggish, not moving freely about the cabin with as much agility. Oh these are the signs all right. It just takes me a little longer to recognize sometimes.

Squirrels have a rep for storing nuts. Some seasons I too have that rep and when I realize how storing the good stuff has begun to weigh me down that’s when it dawns on me that it’s I’ve gone too long without giving it away. Then the soundtrack in my head gradually grows louder—“Give it away, give it away, give it away now.”

Want to feel agile again? Assist; hug; encourage someone. Show favor, kindness, support—give it away! The way to “lean out” is to pour it out and into others. Don’t pick and choose. Just do it. The guy at the check stand, the girl at the crosswalk. Give it away.


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