I’ll be Back

My favorite time of the day.

There’s something about the early morning hours just before the sun comes up. The lighting, the stillness, the fact that it feels as if I hold something fleeting in my hand. As if I can shape it somehow with the gentle morning music I play and the words I choose to read and the strength of the espresso I prepare that brings my awareness from total rest to the readiness needed to greet the day.

There’s something about that sliver of my day when nothing and no one else is stirring. No birds are chirping, no cars racing by in the distance, no need for my attention anywhere else but where I direct it.

Its such a soul-enriching time without demand or need to problem solve but to enjoy and drink in leisurely . . . and then that jarring alarm goes off to remind me just why this time feels so precious! Because its limited. Its fleeting. Its time to shake off the morning musing and get my day in motion.

I’ll be back, morning shadows. I’ll return to this very spot as soon as I can – there are a few things that need my attention now but count on it – in a brief twenty-three hours I’ll be back.

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