Norm . . .

There’s a healthy fig tree I hadn’t noticed before growing over in a random corner there on the church property. I could have stood in that spot gazing all afternoon and maybe someday I will. The light rain started up again so this capture is only 25 seconds of breezy, leafy, fig laden happiness. Do you see more than twelve?

It reminds me that there are healthy, leafy, fruit-bearing people around me on the outer perimeter just steadily doing their thing. Doing well what they were designed to do. Not at the center of the garden or center stage. Daily producing, growing inch by inch, providing shade and cover for those closest to them. And in time their nourishing fruit is offered just for the taking.

The more I think about the location of this fig tree the more I realize that though its situated on my outer perimeter it is quite at the center of its own world with its own cast of characters. I quite expect the rustling olive-like tree next to it to call out, “Norm .. . “

Someday soon I’ll transition from the one who admires the tree to the one who provides the shade. Its in my mind to do so.

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