So Sweet

So Sweet

Because they were organically grown at a local farm I had no hesitation whatsoever in devouring these berries, stems and all, as a scrumptious afternoon treat. They were covered in billows of whipped cream after all so I barely noticed the slight crunch of the leaves. Vitamin C, manganese and folate never tasted so good!

The fact that berries are very rich in antioxidants and plant compounds and that they have benefits for heart health and blood sugar control doesn’t cross my mind so much. Not at all as a matter of fact in the moment I’m enjoying them.

We need good people, good friends in our lives like piles of berries swimming in rich cream. Good people are good for our heart. They make us stronger just by being who they are. There are those who care and then there are those who want to “whip us into shape“ but that’s not the same. Working with, relaxing with, hanging out with good, solid people will strengthen our heart and will continually make us healthier by virtue of their companionship.

Sometimes they’ll seem a little tart and that’s just the vitamin C coming through.

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