Who and What

I was in a hurry and taking a route that included side streets that were less traveled with traffic that moved rather quickly. I followed a white Mercedes for quite a while and was thankful that they drove as if they had to be somewhere on time.

I began to think of my day ahead and got completely lost in thought all the while with the pedal to the metal. Coming out of my thoughts and returning my focus to the road ahead of me I noticed that the white Mercedes was now gone and the vehicle ahead of me was a smaller blue car, thankfully, going equally as fast. Then it dawned on me that in my thoughts of the day I’d completely and utterly lost awareness of the white Mercedes that had been directly in front of me all those miles.

Again my focus drifted as I began to think of other things including people in my life, friends I’ve known a long time, colleagues at work that perhaps have blurred or moved to the background while my attention has been elsewhere. Its never intentional but there are times when our current attentions on “other things” will unintentionally move people we care about to the sidelines.

This drizzly Sunday seems to be a perfect day to take the time to shift my focus once again. Who and what have I left by the wayside in my hurry to arrive somewhere else? ~ ~ ~ ~ Life is what happens while we’re busy making other plans. ~ ~ ~ ~ Indeed, who and what.

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