Just Couldn’t Capture

Just Couldn’t Capture

My first Farm Share box

from @EcologyCenter in San Juan Capistrano – I signed up for my farm share of fresh organic produce on Earth Day – what an awesome celebration that was with handcrafted pizzas served steaming hot from an outdoor Cobb oven, live music with nothing but good vibes, small children running willie nillie among the crowd with partially squished strawberries in their tiny fists and ruby red berry juice dripping from their mouths. Lots of contented people just soaking up a vibe that was reminiscent of very good day from the 1960s.

It had been a busy Thursday at the University. Still in heels and my suit from work I and a friend picked up my farm box from the barn on the farm property. Too tired to thoughtfully put away the generous amount of strawberries, lettuces, oranges, spring onions, etcetera, at least the three heads of beautiful organic lettuce went into a large tin bowl full of water for an overnight refresh. I tried unsuccessfully to photograph what greeted me in the morning light. The arugula stood at attention with its peppery and spiky leaves surrounded by a cloud of ruffled crimson. I tried to capture their simple yet outstanding beauty but couldn’t even begin to do them the least bit of photographic justice compared to what my eyes were seeing there in that large tin bowl.

Try as we may we can’t always capture the beauty of a moment. The way it makes your heart sing, the way your mind is lifted by the sound of children laughing or a guitar gently strumming or the fragrance of a handful of sweet peas. Thank God for the blessed ability to take in the moment and savor it. The fleeting moments transform into memories that will become all the more cherished as time goes by. Enjoy the moments of today—we’re creating a full and rich library of memories for a whole lifetime of tomorrows.

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